Can’t find your trimmer, pruner or work gloves in your garden shed? Canada AM décor expert Karl Lohnes is here with help organize untidy garden sheds and make them more efficient.

This is our outdoor shed, what’s wrong in here? 

Clutter causes a lot of chaos in people’s live. That frustration will also cost you time and money. For example, you know you have that particular tool but can’t find it. You spend time searching for it, only to go out and buy a new one because you need it immediately.

There are a lot of organizational products out there, what are the ones you like and why?

Getting organized doesn’t mean you need to spend a ton of money on a bunch of gadgets.  For a low cost there are lots of hooks and brackets that will put everything within reach, so things are easy to find and can be put back in place with little effort after you’re done with them.

Outdoor storage units are extremely helpful to keep things organized but what should people look for before buying one?

You invest a lot in your outdoor furniture and cushions.  When you store them you don’t want them to get moldy. You want items that are waterprooff, but also vented for air.  A vent is also good for the items you put into your garbage and blue boxes.

Products shown:

  • 47 piece Peghook Assortment: It’s back to basics with the retro peg board that was popular in the 1950's. This is a great pick for tool storage and garage or craft shop organization. You can customize a wall for all small tool organization. It’s great for inside the house to organize a kitchen pantry wall or a craft room. Priced at $7.25,  SKU: 1000172448.
  • Cable Cuff: Say goodbye to cable, cords and ropes getting tangled in a storage box. Priced at $3.29, SKU: 1000130846.
  • Hang All Bracket: This pick enables you to store away ladders, garden hoses and lawn chairs. It keeps storage off the floor and out of the way. It’s also great for swaging lightweight fabric to create the canopy above a princess bed or netting over an outdoor lounger. Priced at $6, SKU: 1000148572
  • Hold-it handle-based gardening tools can be used to organize rakes, brooms, mops off the floor and hang them off a wall. Priced at $10, SKU: 1000680624
  • Wood Look Deck Box: This item offers up extra shed storage for outdoor pool and gardening supplies. It also offers extra-large capacity with an automatic opening mechanism. This will help keep contents dry and ventilated. It seats two adults and is great for those who live in condos and apartments. Just add cushions and you have a comfy bench. Priced at $169,  SKU:1000681111.
  • Lounge Shed. There’s no need to cram all your outdoor cushions and folding furniture in the shed. Store them separately. This pick is easily assembled and will not dent, scratch or peel. This is like having another mini-shed. It’s also great inside the house for storing hockey equipment in the basement or garage. Priced at $184, SKU: 1000680735.

Products available a Home Depot stores acros Canada.