With record-breaking temperatures this summer and the thermometer expected to keep rising throughout most of the country this week, it’s important to keep your home cool as well as looking cool. Here are a few homeowner-friendly products that will beat the heat and keep your home looking chic. None of these products require major installation. They are also cool-looking (and feeling!) and well worth the money.

Cool the air

A portable air conditioner is a great choice to help spot-cool small spaces or a large room such as a family room or master bedroom. The DeLonghi Pinguino PAC 100E recycles the condensation, so there are no buckets of water to empty. It also has a very quiet operation, so it is great for use at night in a bedroom. This product has  10,000 BTU's (which cools about 500 square feet) and costs around $600. The portable air conditioner has handles and castors for easy portability. 

Move the air

A ceiling fan costs little to run and can help reduce scorching temperatures by six to 10 per cent. In the winter it can help to improve air circulation. It can also help to distribute the heat that rises toward ceilings and in corners of a room, helping to eliminate condensation on windows. The Modern Fan Company’s Pensi aluminum ceiling fan (with a fabulous discrete light) costs $480 and boasts an ultra-modern sleek look for the minimalist decorator. 

Choose your breeze

Tabletop fans bring a cool breeze into warm spots at night and circulate the air during the day. The Dyson Air Multiplier AM01 fan works without blades, which means air isn’t “chopped,” creating that annoying buffering sound. The Air Multifier technology amplifies surrounding air and creates an uninterrupted stream of air. It’s efficient and beautifully sculptural. 

Block the heat

The beauty of window coverings such as draperies and shades is that they give you full control of light by up to 40 per cent and keep heat out in the summer by up to 80 per cent. HunterDouglas Architella Honeycomb Shades offer up modern style and energy efficiency. Three air pockets within the honeycomb provide an R-value of up to 7.75 (a 4 R-value will prevent up to 75 per cent heat or cold loss through a window. It will also insulate your window from the hot rays hitting the windows. Starts at $200. 

Block the sun

Window film helps with fade and glare protection, rejecting up to 34 per cent of solar energy. This film helps you save energy and money. It also blocks up to 99 per cent of UV light which is the major cause of fading fabrics, wood and artwork.  Window film can reduce glare by 25 per cent.  Sun Control Window Film Kit, $35, covers a 2' x 3' window. Available at Home Depot.

Push the air

A handy gadget to invest in is one that maximizes the ventilation in your home by adding that extra burst of fan power to move the air coming through the vent. The Cyclone Booster Fan Plus ($30) has a built-in sensor thermostat. It also turns on and off automatically. Available at Home Depot