Choosing an artificial Christmas tree for your home can be a bit of a challenge for some shoppers. But with these tips from décor expert Karl Lohnes consumers can pick the perfect tree with great ease.

Price:Artificial Christmas trees can run anywhere from $79 - $1200 depending on size, the number of lights on the branches and the quality of the tree's construction. On average, a good tree will cost anywhere from $30 - $50 per linear foot.

Size: Choose the size of a tree to match your ceiling's height and reduce the size by 6 inches. For example, if you have an 8-foot ceiling then choose a tree that is 7.5 feet in height. For exceptionally high ceilings choose a tree that is at least two-thirds of the ceiling's height.

Lights:A good quality tree will have 75 - 100 lights per each foot of the tree's height. Look for step pedals to make turning the lights on and off easier. Also look for a continuous light source, meaning if one bulb burns out or is removed the other lights will continue to work. Remember, most artificial trees come pre-lit with clear/warm white lights. If you want coloured lights instead, simply add them to the tree and don't plug in the clear pre-wired ones.

Branches/tips:The more branches and tree tips that are on your tree will make it look fuller. They will also give you move room to hang decorations. Look for exceptional details like pine cones and a variety of young branch tips/needles to give your tree a realistic look. Also look for spacing between the layers of branches on the tree; anything more than 8 - 10 inches will make the tree look spindly and not full.

Trees featured on today’s segment:

All trees available in stores and online at Home Depot.

  • 687601 Martha Stewart Living 7.5' pre-lit sparkling pine tree. Comes with 750 clear lights and includes on/off foot pedal switch, 60 -inch diameter base and hinged branches for easy assembly. Price: $289.00.
  • 660951 Home Accents 7.5' Pre-lit Slim Fraser Fir Quick Set Tree. Comes with 1000 tips, 500 clear lights, metal stand and 41-inch diameter base. Price: $179.
  • 957857 Home Accents 12' Morgan Pine, Pre-lit Tree. Comes with 1100 clear lights, 3400 tips and 68-inch diameter base. Price: $499.
  • 740979 Martha Stewart Living 7.5' Snowy Fir Tree. Comes with  1769 tips, 750 lights, 63-inch base and easy on/off foot pedal. Price: $279.
  • 660856 Home Accents 6.5' Pre-Lit Noble Fir Tree. Comes with 350 clear lights and 48- inch base. Price: $99.
  • 1000660424 St. Nick's Choice Artificial Tree Rolling Storage Bag, $20.  Holds up to a 7.5' tree, Wheels and handles make it easy for transporting and the soft construction reduces bulb breakage.

All trees come with free-standing base, are for indoor use only and are fire retardant.

Additional tip for  Yule Log Bakers: Yule Log baking pans require enough batter to fill two 5 x 9 inch loaf pans. Decorating is simple once your Yule Log is baked and cooled. Sprinkle some icing sugar and shaved chocolate on top and you have an easy, festive-looking holiday dessert. Yule Log Baking Pan, $25. Available at Loblaws and Great Canadian Superstores across the country.