Candy Jar Vases


  1. Insert a skinny vessel (slim vase, pickle jar, drinking glass inside a modern vase.
  2. Fill the gap between the two vessels with colour co-ordinated candies to create a colourful and festive look to the table.
  3. Add fresh or faux holiday flowers or greenery to the skinny vessel.
  4. Scatter a variety of the vases down a table and add small glass encased candles that are colour co-ordinated.


Mason Jar Snow Globes

  1. Glue small hobby/craft trees to the inside lid of a clear jar.
  2. Add some fake snow flakes.
  3. Screw the lids into the jars.
  4. Display various sized across a mantel of down the centre of a dining table.
  5. Add some candles and fake snow on the table.