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Keeping your online accounts safe and secure is one of the most important things to do when it comes to being cyber safe. There’s a lot to consider to keep your accounts and digital identity as secure as Fort Knox, but it all starts with having a strong password.


Email has become such an essential part of life that many people now choose to send a message rather than make a phone call. It's a means to stay in touch with friends, communicate with colleagues, receive order confirmations when you shop online, read e-newsletters and find out about promotions from companies you trust. In fact, millions of emails are sent every second around the world filled with personal information, providing a rich source of information for cyber criminals.

Using mobile devices

Risks to mobile phones, especially smartphones and Bluetooth-enabled phones, are becoming increasingly common. Aside from the actual physical loss of your mobile phone, which could put personal information in the wrong hands, there are several ways your mobile phone can be compromised.

Banking and financial

The ability to bank and perform transactions online these days lets you check your account balances, pay bills, manage your credit card accounts, control investments and set up transfers all without stepping foot in a branch.

Social networking sites

Social networking sites are now a primary source for communicating and keeping in touch with friends and family. You share pictures, post updates and reveal all sorts of personal information about yourself – which makes these sites prime targets for criminal activity.

The risks of shopping and online auctions

As with anything you do online, any time you provide details like your email address, shipping address, phone number and credit card information, your information becomes prey for cyber criminals.

The risks of online entertainment, games and contests

The fun of online entertainment, games and contests can be dampened by the risks involved with these sites. But if you know the risks, you can play games online safely.

The risks of downloading and file sharing

Downloading from the Internet and sharing files are both common, everyday practices, and can come with a set of risks you should be aware of.

The risks of making calls over the Internet (VoIP)

Making phone calls over the Internet, especially with a webcam, can be a great way to stay in touch with far-away family and friends. However, be sure you know the risks before you make the connection.


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