They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. But that's not the case this week as Canada AM uncovers another side of the city known for its glamour and glitz.

We all know Celine Dion and  Shania Twain are two of Las Vegas's biggest acts.

But did you know there are more Canadians who are taking Vegas by storm? This week we get to know some of the people who make Vegas tick:

Randy Morton is from Peterborough, Ontario and runs the Bellagio Hotel. (That’s the hotel featured in the movie Ocean's Eleven. Remember the escalator scene with George Clooney?)

Patricia Richards is a world-class mixologist. The B.C. native creates her liquid masterpieces at the Wynn Resort. Wait until you see her do her thing!

If your 'thing' is a good burger -- how about one with a $5,000 price tag? Renowned chef Hubert Keller cooks one up for us. Speaking of cooking, we head back to the Bellagio and B.C.'s Edmond Wong. The buffet offers everything you can think of (hello dessert island!!!) and Wong oversees kitchens for the entire resort. With thousands of mouths to feed daily, he is one busy man!

Cirque du Soleil is one of the great Canadian success stories. Guy Laliberte's small street troupe has grown into a worldwide sensation. It takes a special talent to be a part of this elite group of performers. In full makeup (gigantic false eyelashes) and wardrobe (green lizard-like suit) I tried my hand at joining the circus for a day and got the inside scoop on Cirque's newest show Zarkana.

And then we had some regular Vegas fun:

Donnie and Marie Osmond know a thing or two about being busy. They've been entertaining the world for 50 years. Now the world is coming to them. We chatted with the brother and sister act before they hit the stage at the Flamingo Hotel. Did I mention Donnie serenaded me?

It takes a special suit to drive a special car and I donned one to get behind the wheel of a bright red Ferrari. After training on a simulator, I whipped the car around a track courtesy of a company called Dream Racing. This is an experience to satisfy the inner speed demon without having to plunk down major money.

There is so much more to tell you including a little one-on-one interview with Hollywood icon Robert DeNiro...but I don't want to give everything away! Tune in this week for the rest of it.